• Partner business

    Cooperate with fixed quality raw materials to ensure the quality of the first step

  • Strength

    Staff with various high-end production equipment and professional technology

  • Productivity

    Have the strength to deal with various production problems, improve production quality and efficiency

  • Company Profile

    Mr. Tanaka was founded in 1969 in Osaka, Japan (USER / user), the company is based on the idea of improving the living environment, from the subtleties in the family life around him, such as anti-skid, windproof, moisture-proof, shock, etc Keep an eye on it, accumulate bits and pieces, and converge. Form multiple product series. After the bathroom mats were sold in Japanese supermarkets, the organ-type cold air baffle was once again featured on NHK TV. In one fell swoop, the company's product sales were rolled out across Japan.
           The company not only focuses on continuously improving the internal environment of the family, but also has the original intention of not destroying the external ecological environment. Therefore, the product has been adhering to the credo of energy saving and energy saving, and the raw materials for product production are non-toxic, harmless and recyclable. Therefore, under the background of increasing sales in Japan, the establishment of "Yuyuan Plastic Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd." in Shanghai in 2007 started the local R & D and overseas production processing production mode. However, due to the transformation of Shanghai's industrial structure, it has exerted greater pressure on the company's development. In 2019, the company decided to move the factory to Hangzhou and renamed it "Youyu Plastic Products (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.".